Smootilica of the Week – Naked

Urban Decay u Srbiji se najavljuje od početka Januara.
Iskreno, malo nas će moći sebi da priušti tu čuvenu Naked paletu ali ćemo hajpovati kroz neke wishlist na blogovima.
I to je lepo.
A lepe stvari biramo za Smootilicu nedelje.
Urban Decay is coming to Serbia.
Altho, only few of us will be able to get that famous Naked Palette, but we will surelly make all the hype about it on our wishlist on blogs.
That’s also nice.
And we love nice things and put them in the Smootilica of the Week.


Koju od naked paleta želite za sebe?
Which one of those Naked pallets you want for yourself?

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